How to explain Agile in a nutshell?

I collected vast experience in articulating, showing, explaining and simulating effects what agile means, why this topic is on nearly every strategic agenda and why organizations these days struggle to be agile.

In cooperation with my beloved colleagues from HR Pioneers and based on the various visualizations from other great colleagues (just search for“agile iceberg”), we developed this simple model which helps me a lot to have an anchored visualization.

The true deepness of the model can only be found beneath the surface of what is visible for the observer above the surface.

Above the water there’s every aspect that is visible for the observer:

Methods, tools, roles, frameworks, practices,

Below the surface:

Values & Principles.
More impactful the deeper the stuff below the surface is. The more stable it the iceberg on the top.

What’s new?

The feedback loop surrounding the iceberg: We can only be agile when we take both parts of the iceberg into consideration and learn via feedback and iterations. Only with that approach we find out where to improve and to change in order to get a more fulfilling, fun and purpose driven, learning environment aka being agile :)

How can the model be useful?

Since we have our own iceberg visualization we used it in several workshops. With our participants we do simulations like the “Ball Point Game” by Boris Gloger and use the model to debrief the exercise. By questions like “What responsible for your productivity increase?” and then classify the answers within our iceberg model. Like this, we can differentiate their experiences between beneath and above the surface and explain Agile in a nutshell. Whether you use it to debrief a simulation or you just explain it or find a completely different way to integrate it in your work, just do it!

Use it — Check out the template

Find the template here!
You can exchange the terms and text elements and individualize for your context!

Special thanks to, HRP, Julia

Complexity is beautiful — Agile Coach @TRAFFO.IO